Sunday 3 January 2010

Open letter from Christos Stratigopoulos to the Greek Minister of Justice

Honourable Minister Mr Kastanides

I am an anarchist recently imprisoned in Amfissa prison. Obviously, you can understand that I have the same relation to socialism as you have to antiauthoritarianism. I say this because I heard yesterday on the television news that Mr Giorgos Papandreou* urged his new ministers ‘act as antiauthoritarians towards authority’.
Personally, I have always been a supporter of specific actions and not on the contrary of vague talk and that is the reason why I presently find myself in prison and not, of course, for ideological reasons.
I do not wish to tire you with my words, honourable Minister of Justice. But I say to you directly that if I were in a position to decide on the matter of the penitentiary system, I would destroy prisons or at least I would close them down. I personally dream of different ways of rendering so-called justice, which I cannot imagine you would ever be in a position to support.
However, I have to inform you, if you are unaware of it, that Greek prisons, and especially the Amfissa prison where I am presently being held, are only one step away from the Nazi concentration camps or the respective camps of the eastern bloc. I am sure that, as new Minister of Justice, you will be available to come to confirm the truth of my words.
Finally I would like to ask one final question: What do you intend to do about the present conditions in Greek prisons Mr Minister? Will you continue to coop men up like mice inside them, or are you capable of forming, I don’t say human, but more acceptable conditions for all prisoners?
You know perhaps that the very minions of your law call the prison of Amfissa a crematorium.

After deep consideration,

Christos Stratigopoulos
Greek anarchist

*Prime Minister


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