Sunday 3 January 2010


It has now been confirmed that our comrades, along with all those held in the prison of Amfissa, are struggling to survive under appalling conditions.
In fact the Amfissa establishment is not a prison but a concentration camp. Our comrades are two of 50 men held locked all together in one cell 20 hours a day.
The place is infested with cockroaches, lice and fleas. Last week there was no water for two days, toilets not working, with indescribable consequences and added health risks for all prisoners.
Upon his arrest lawyers made an application for bail for Alfredo due to his age, the minor charges against him, and his health condition, including diabetes. Not only was this was refused by the instructing judge in Trikala, the comrades were sent to Amfissa, one of the worst hellholes in Greece. One can only draw one’s own conclusions.
A further application for bail for Alfredo was made by his lawyer on October 11, on medical grounds. The application was backed with numerous health reports translated from Italian and papers showing that he had been released from prison to house arrest due to his health condition. This has been ignored. A report from Trikala hospital where Alfredo was taken following his arrest is being witheld by police. The intentions of the Greek authorities couldn’t be more clear.
Enclosed is the translation of a letter sent by Christos to the new Greek minister of justice denouncing the concentration camp of Amfissa, left unscathed by the recent mutinies and mass hungerstrikes in Greek prisons that involved thousands of prisoners.
Revolutionary solidarity with Alfredo, Christos and all comrades and rebels prisoners of the State.

Destroy all prisons.
some anarchists in London

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