Tuesday 6 April 2010

Friday March 26, demonstration in Rome near the Greek embassy

Friday March 26, in the ambit of the international solidarity initiatives for Alfredo Bonanno, a presidium was held in Rome near the Greek embassy. This predium had the precise aim of demanding his immediate release.
Alfredo, 73 year old anarchist comrade, finds himself kidnapped by the Greek state since last October, and is presently held in the prison of Koridallos in Athens. He is accused of concourse in bank robbery with another comrade, Christos Stratigopoulos, who immediately took full responsability concerning the robbery, attempted at a bank in the town of Trikala. In fact, Alfredo is being held now for reasons that are explicitly linked, even in the court papers in where they refused to release him some months ago, to his political identity as an anarchist. On this and the serious health conditions that he unfortunately finds himself in, is based the new request for his release, for which a hearing took place on Friday morning at the regional court of Larissa.
For Christos the lawyers made no demands because he has nothing to ask of the judges.
Because he is anarchist, Alfredo has our unconditional solidarity.
Because he is unwell, we must obtain his liberation.
Around 9am a group of comrades had an appointment in the Parioli quarter, where there are many embassies. Awaiting them was (the demo had been called publicly) a considerable assortment of police: carabinieri and police in antiriot gear coordinated by about twenty plain clothes officers. You could say the ratio was about 5 to 1. And that the orders on how to direct the situation came from above. The presidium was blocked from any possibility of getting directly in front of the embassy, which is why we stayed at two roundabouts, with amplification and various interventions to block the traffic and hand out texts that we include below. On the other hand, the fact that the area had been militarized had in itself created attention and alarm in all those who were passing by, to the point of even making some representatives of the Greek embassy come out into the street, rigorously behind the line of cops.
When the presidium disbanded slogans and posters appeared on the walls in solidariety to the comrades and in memory of Lambros Foundas, the comrade murdered by the police in Athens on March 10, following a shootout.
To conclude, considering it necessary however to say something about initiatives of this kind, we repeat the words of the comrades who in London last February, paid a visit to the Greek embassy for the same reasons, saying that "this small demonstration of solidarity had the aim of showing the Greek State that our imprisoned comrades are not alone. We know perfectly well that, in the struggle against repression and in support of our imprisoned comrades, these kind of actions are futile in themselves, and should therefore be placed in the context of a wider and extended projectuality of international solidarity aimed at the generalisation of the attack on the existent". We point out that the judges, in Greece, from Friday 26 are in procinto of sentencing on the fate of Alfredo.....
Comrades of the AntiAuthoritarian Assembly of Rome.

One of the leaflets handed out...

We are adverse to human relationships that are flat, functional, useful. Those for whom trust is turned into faith, generosity into exchange of favours, solidarity into interest, respect into submission. But we don’t have time, or interest, to wait for a different cultural system, a new leader or some modern messiah to change the situation.We don’t believe in other lives, therefore what we want, we want it now. Human relations that are mediated by the institutions or by imposed moral behaviour is not for us. The squalid practice of looking first at a person’s wallet and then their eyes, is the habit of a society where everything is reduced to numbers, quantity, profit. In this bloodcurdling human scenario we well know on whose side we are on, and it is certainly not a bank account to suggest it to us. And it is among those who do not resign themselves to a life of obedience and resignation, their own and that of others, that we find fraternal glances and complicity, comrades, male and female. We should be interested to learn that the persons whose liberation we are demanding are guilty of an attempted bank robbery? Well, that’s not so. We are not interested. At least not in the measure in which this should lead us to see tham as miserable abjects. But if precisely we were to express ourselves on the subject, having always supported the pirates since we were tiny, think what words of disdain we would be able to pronounce!!?? Not one. At best we would be rammaricati by the fact that they didn’t succeed in cleaning out that bank. But that’s not the point.Christos and Alfredo are our comrades, and as such we think that they deserve our support, our solidarity. They often try to pass of the latter for inclinations which those that are labelled degenerate terrorists dedicate themselves to. On the other hand, the misery of this order prefers little men and little women, egoist, closed up in their little world of objects. That is also why we want to do away with this authoritarian order.
That is why we are deaf to the sentences expressed by its institutions, that wants to teach us who are the good and who the bad.We hear instead loud and clear the cry of freedom and the frastuono of their passions as they lead those who have not resigned themselves.
Rome, March 2010 AntiAuthoritarianAssembly

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