Friday 26 March 2010


Bologna - In solidariety with Alfredo and Christos

Saturday13 March
13.00 "Blitz" of a group of comrades in solidarity at the Greek consulate in via Indipendenza with banners ("your cops for killing/your banks for stealing/freedom to Alfredo and Christos") megaphone, leaflets thrown and smoke bombs. When the first cops started to arrive, the comrades move to the crossroads between via Indipendenza and via Irnerio still megaphoning and handing out leaflets. Meanwhile from a balcony in the park on the hill montagnola fireworks were set off and a banner was unfurled ("10-03-2010 Atene Assassini") in memory of the recent assassination of the comrade Lambros.
14.00 Presidium in solidariety with Alfredo and Christos in Piazza 8 Agosto: a good response from the people browsing in the market.
16.30 A few Anarchists materialise in front of a stall of the northern league disturbing their racist propaganda with leaflets and interventions with the megaphone appreciated by passersby.
Anarchici bolognesi
from informa-azione 21/03/10

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